NIRSA Students: Tweet THAT!


I just read a great article on professional development that was tweeted as a link by Kristen Gleason, NIRSA’s Director of Professional Development. It contained some especially good advice for graduate assistants and young professionals who are navigating a professional workplace for the first time. And guess what? I didn’t need to attend a conference or workshop to get the information.

Professional development opportunities are always right at our fingertips. Professionals like Kristen, as well as others from cross-disciplinary fields, are always quick to share great articles or blog posts that are current and relevant. As long as we have an internet connection, there is a wealth of ideas that will challenge us and help us to grow professionally.

But something is missing: the student voice.

We need more idea-sharing from students. After all, students usually know what other students are struggling with. Have you read something lately that has changed your perspective? Why not tweet it? Have you seen a photo that has lifted your spirits? Share it with your fellow students and NIRSA colleagues. Do you have your own blog that you use for reflective writing? Maybe others can relate to your writing and would be grateful for your input. In fact, Erica Estes, the current NIRSA Student Leader, has written several thoughtful articles that would be helpful for students as they become more involved with NIRSA.

So how about it, students? You have an important voice, and a refreshing perspective. Don’t leave it up to the seasoned professionals to feed our industry. Add your own spice to the conversation. And don’t forget to tag your tweets with #recchat, @NIRSAlive, or @NIRSAStudents so that everyone can benefit!

To get you started, I have listed just a few Twitter accounts and hashtags that you can search to find professional articles, applicable to Campus Recreation and higher education. Put all of your professional Twitter contacts on a Twitter list so you can easily find their latest Tweets:


If you’re looking for some thought-provoking blogs that are share-worthy, try some of these writers:

George Couros, @gcouros
Eric Stoller, @EricStoller
Laura Kennett, @laurakennett

Do you follow an online blog, or someone on Twitter who has made a difference in your life or career? Feel free to add the information in the comments below. Let’s all start feeding each other!


2 thoughts on “NIRSA Students: Tweet THAT!

  1. @SonjaArdoin recently facilitated a workshop “Being Both: Integrating Working Class Roots with a Middle Class Higher Ed Identity” and is very responsive to students and young professionals. She helps to represent challenges navigating class and professional identity in higher ed.

    Thank you for your post!

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